Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bra debate

Many women believe that by wearing bra, the breasts will become firmer. if you don't, the breasts will sag.

On the contrary, a French medical professor for 15 years, researched tracked 320 women from 1997 for a test and reached a conclusion - the breast does not droop by not wearing bra, on the contrary, by not wearing bra can even promote the the breast growth! The distance from nipple to shoulder can increase 7 mm each year. !!

Professor Houillon argues that there is no support in the breast, the breasts are like hanging on the chest of soft fat tissues lies underneath the skin, made up of ligaments, connective tissue and muscle by which they fought downward gravity of the Earth.

When we wear bra, the tissues are supported by external element, the breast ligament is in idle state, over time it becomes weak and shrinking. The breast is therefore easier to sag.

There was a 28-year-old participant who had been in the test group for two years, and she said she did not want to wear bra again. "My breath is smoother, feel more comfortable and more natural, I have very little back pain now".

Although this conclusion is based on volunteers, so it can not speak for women around the world, but more and more women are aware of the benefits of not wearing a bra.
There are women who like to buy very tight bra, they think it will create a nice shape. After long period of time wearing tight bra, it can cause muscles fatigue and blood circulation become stiff, resulting in neck pain, breathing fast.
Is wearing bra protect the breast or damage the breast? With the increasing number in breast cancer, people once again are reevaluating the need to wear a bra.


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