Tuesday, 21 March 2017

You are your clothing

Personally I like two kind of styles, one is very neat, clean cut, no nonsense, art inspired. For example, I like David Bowie. People and clothes need to have a real understanding, they should complement each other, do not try too hard, less is more. Also very important thing to know is to
wear the appropriate clothes at the appropriate occasions.

David Bowie
There is also a kind of style like Kate Moss. These type of people understand themselves, their style is very much of their own. In fact, now the Internet is invading every corner of our lives, when we see a picture on Instagram or street fashion shots are looking good, but it's not their own style, they either wear for the Show, or just want to be photographed. Personally I do not like this kind of fashion.
Kate Moss
Tilda Swinton is a fashion icon, her personal style is very strong, she is true to herself.

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