Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Inside out

There are a lot of new trends this spring and summer, and I couldn't be more excited of them. After long winter, I am sure the rest of you feel the same way, it's nice to wear something different. Sheer is the biggest trends in horizon, it is sexy, seductive, playful and glamorous. Today we are focusing on sheer shirts.

When you choose sheer top, bra becomes the focal point of your outfit, therefore, you should always try to wear plain bra, not lacy or the bra has to much details. It is really part of your outer ensemble rather than lingerie. Be bold and daring.

I like the outfit above, but the bra is too large, and also lacy material. A downside for this outfit. 

This is me, with very sexy see through shirt. Boy, didn't I get attention. 


There are lots of new trends happening this spring and summer, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. I’m sure the rest of you feel the same way – after a long winter, it’s nice to finally be able to wear something different. Sheer is one of the biggest trends on the horizon. It was spotted on the runway more than a few times in the form of tops, skirts, dresses, and accessories. Today, we’re focusing on sheer shirts. 
A lot of people are intimidated by sheer tops because they feel like they show off too much skin or are too hard to wear. First of all, part of the fun with sheer is that it shows off some skin! Second, sheer is more versatile than you would think. These 20 style tips on how to wear sheer shirts will ensure you do more with your see-through tops than just pair them with a tank. Check out these outfit ideas for some style inspiration:

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