Tuesday, 21 March 2017

You are your clothing

Personally I like two kind of styles, one is very neat, clean cut, no nonsense, art inspired. For example, I like David Bowie. People and clothes need to have a real understanding, they should complement each other, do not try too hard, less is more. Also very important thing to know is to
wear the appropriate clothes at the appropriate occasions.

David Bowie
There is also a kind of style like Kate Moss. These type of people understand themselves, their style is very much of their own. In fact, now the Internet is invading every corner of our lives, when we see a picture on Instagram or street fashion shots are looking good, but it's not their own style, they either wear for the Show, or just want to be photographed. Personally I do not like this kind of fashion.
Kate Moss
Tilda Swinton is a fashion icon, her personal style is very strong, she is true to herself.

Monday, 20 March 2017

basic basic basic

Are you still troubled with what to wear for spring, why not try a simple and fresh look instead of this year's over completed ruffle and frills. To be honest, the lantern sleeves and cut off shoulders T shirt is filled in almost every department stores, all I have left is to go to the charity shops for a non fuss, plain T.
Let's return to basic, it's simple, its refreshing, it's stylish!  

Super model Gisele Bundchen black leather jacket with grey t shirt and grey washed jeans and nautical ankle boots, oversized holdall in the arm, how stylish.
Cara Santana, White embroidery sleeveless top with denim shorts and brown stripy high heels, showing off her perfectly toned long legs, hot, hot, hot.
Nude coloured pullover + Helmut Lang black leather leggings + Balenciaga peek toe heels,Rosie Huntington super cool yet feminine.
Hot mum Alessandra Ambrosioa early summer downtown city girl look. Levi Light-coloured print jeans with grey V-neck sweater. Rag & Bone light beige coloured ankle boots, plus grey wide brim and wine coloured satchel.
Miranda Kerr dressed with Velvet X Lily Aldridge Military green jacket, Josh Goot printed T-shirt, and black miniskirt, ankle boots is from Isabel Marant's, cute and stylish, Miu Miu's sunglasses with over sized black handbag to complete the look.
Karolina Kurkova Wearing Sandro light-coloured patch jacket, with Zara navy blue asymmetrical mini skirt,black sunny, black cross shoulder messenger bag, black ankle boots, very cool and tough look.

Alessandra Ambrosio,bright casual geometric jogger is very eye-catching, even with the flip flop and basic black T is a head turning number.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Everyone's must have a pair of trainer in their shoe cupboard, but with a wide varieties of selections which one to choose? I believe simple and comfortable is always the best choice. Such as Nike's most classic Air Force, Adidas classic original will the best to invest.

vans-sk8 nike-air-max-90 nike-air-force saucony-jazz chuck-taylor-classic adidas-stan-smith pony-topstar landscape_nrm_1421876735-elle_whitesneakerscomp2 vans-authentic-slim puma-gv

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bra debate

Many women believe that by wearing bra, the breasts will become firmer. if you don't, the breasts will sag.

On the contrary, a French medical professor for 15 years, researched tracked 320 women from 1997 for a test and reached a conclusion - the breast does not droop by not wearing bra, on the contrary, by not wearing bra can even promote the the breast growth! The distance from nipple to shoulder can increase 7 mm each year. !!

Professor Houillon argues that there is no support in the breast, the breasts are like hanging on the chest of soft fat tissues lies underneath the skin, made up of ligaments, connective tissue and muscle by which they fought downward gravity of the Earth.

When we wear bra, the tissues are supported by external element, the breast ligament is in idle state, over time it becomes weak and shrinking. The breast is therefore easier to sag.

There was a 28-year-old participant who had been in the test group for two years, and she said she did not want to wear bra again. "My breath is smoother, feel more comfortable and more natural, I have very little back pain now".

Although this conclusion is based on volunteers, so it can not speak for women around the world, but more and more women are aware of the benefits of not wearing a bra.
There are women who like to buy very tight bra, they think it will create a nice shape. After long period of time wearing tight bra, it can cause muscles fatigue and blood circulation become stiff, resulting in neck pain, breathing fast.
Is wearing bra protect the breast or damage the breast? With the increasing number in breast cancer, people once again are reevaluating the need to wear a bra.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Inside out

There are a lot of new trends this spring and summer, and I couldn't be more excited of them. After long winter, I am sure the rest of you feel the same way, it's nice to wear something different. Sheer is the biggest trends in horizon, it is sexy, seductive, playful and glamorous. Today we are focusing on sheer shirts.

When you choose sheer top, bra becomes the focal point of your outfit, therefore, you should always try to wear plain bra, not lacy or the bra has to much details. It is really part of your outer ensemble rather than lingerie. Be bold and daring.

I like the outfit above, but the bra is too large, and also lacy material. A downside for this outfit. 

This is me, with very sexy see through shirt. Boy, didn't I get attention. 


There are lots of new trends happening this spring and summer, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. I’m sure the rest of you feel the same way – after a long winter, it’s nice to finally be able to wear something different. Sheer is one of the biggest trends on the horizon. It was spotted on the runway more than a few times in the form of tops, skirts, dresses, and accessories. Today, we’re focusing on sheer shirts. 
A lot of people are intimidated by sheer tops because they feel like they show off too much skin or are too hard to wear. First of all, part of the fun with sheer is that it shows off some skin! Second, sheer is more versatile than you would think. These 20 style tips on how to wear sheer shirts will ensure you do more with your see-through tops than just pair them with a tank. Check out these outfit ideas for some style inspiration:

Monday, 13 March 2017

My quick change

I had my quilted jacket from French Connection with a floral skirt for a walk with my NUNU. The jacket is very warm, it is really like body warmer type.
I wondered into one of my favorite charity shop in high street, and came out with complete change of outfit, and the result, as you can see, is much more mono tone and put together.
I don't always find goodies in charity shop-especially with my size 6-8 figure, maybe this is one of my lucky day.

Printed tunic dress

The easy-to-wear design of tunic dresses makes them perfect for any season, while a statement print can trick people into thinking you’ve actually made an effort.

This Zara printed tunic dress has cuff sleeve, stand up collar, and concealed buttons with slits at the side. The fabric is rather heavy, so it is perfect addition for wearing through out the cold climate in Scotland. This picture was taken in early March, so weather was still a bit chilly. A pair of boots and a leather jacket to keep me warm as well as appear not to be over the top but elegant enough for a lunch in a five star hotel.